Liv For Endless Tomorrows;
Jenna. 18. I like sugar, tea, and strawberries. Also, I'm actually a mermaid. I often use tags to go on rants that aren't related to the posts. (But, really, if you want me to tag anything, just tell me.) I write fanfiction sometimes, but I rarely finish it. This is a multifandom blog (including: One Direction, Dalton, Harry Potter Next Generation, Les Miserables, Merlin, Teen Wolf, Glee, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Disney).


a list of things i am sad about:

  • blood of olympus
  • BoO
  • olympus’ blood
  • the last book of the percy jackson series
  • the end of percy jackson
  • percy jackson’s end
  • don’t touch me
  • don’t fucking touch me
  • just don’t do it. don’t fucking tou

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Guys this is it the last night we wait for a book the last night of anticipaton the last time fore eveything cherish these next few days as they will be the last do not take it for granted TAKE YOUR TIME WHEN YOU READ IT just enjoy this time because it will soon be over